When Is the Best Time to Get Your Water Heater Flushed? 

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At New Albany Plumbing & Drain, we understand the importance of water heater maintenance! When you practice regular maintenance, it aids in extending the lifespan and maximizing efficiency of your plumbing. However, one essential yet often neglected aspect of plumbing maintenance is flushing the water heater tank. So, when should you flush out your water heater and how often does it need to be done? Keep reading as we dive right into the specifics of water heater maintenance! 

Why It Helps to Flush Your Water Heater: 

Over time, minerals naturally build up inside a water heater’s tank, which creates a barrier along the walls and bottom of the tanks. These minerals from the water solidify into hardened deposits, negatively affecting the system’s efficiency. Then, the sediment barrier can cause multiple issues like increased energy consumption, prolonged water heating, and potential damage to the unit. This is why regular flushing of the tank is so important! It removes these sediments, setting your water heater up to succeed and optimizing the system’s performance. But keep in mind that water hardness correlates with mineral content – meaning the harder water you have, the more frequently you will need to flush your water heater. 

When Is Best to Flush Your Water Heater: 

The optimal seasons for flushing your water heater are spring and fall. This is because these timeframes usually align with reduced hot water usage in households.  

  • Why Get It in the Spring? Spring heralds milder temperatures, resulting in reduced hot water requirements. This period presents an ideal chance to prepare your water heater for heightened utilization expected during the upcoming summer season. As such, conducting a spring flush guarantees enhanced operational efficiency of your system during peak seasonal demands. 
  • Why Get It in the Fall? Likewise, autumn presents an opportune moment to perform a thorough flush of your water heater. Just as you prepare your residence for the impending colder season, it is imperative to extend the same care to your water heater. By flushing the water heater during the fall, you guarantee the elimination of sediment accumulation, thereby easing its workload when supplying hot water in the winter months. 

If bi-annual water heater servicing is not feasible for you, you should at least aim for an annual water heater flush.  

The Signs You Should Flush Your Water Heater:  

In addition to the seasonal approach, specific indicators may signal the need for flushing your water heater in between your regular scheduled water heater flushes. 

  • Sound – One indication that your water heater requires flushing is the presence of irregular noises, like popping, rumbling, or crackling sounds. These sounds result from the increased effort of the heating elements to warm water due to sediment buildup. 
  • Color – If the water from your taps is off color, it may indicate rust and sediment accumulation in your tank. Flushing the tank can eliminate these impurities, guaranteeing clean and clear water for your household. 
  • Temperature – If you are experiencing a faster depletion of hot water than usual, sediment buildup could be the cause. This sediment occupies space in the tank and acts as insulation against the heating elements, decreasing the available hot water. In this situation, a tank flush may be needed. 

Regularly flushing your water heater can significantly prolong its lifespan and enhance efficiency. Strategically scheduling this maintenance task during the lower hot water consumption seasons of spring and fall while vigilantly watching for indicators that a flush is necessary will help ensure your water heater remains in optimal condition. It’s important to note that although many can handle flushing a water heater themselves, hiring a professional can offer peace of mind and ensure the task is carried out safely and effectively. 

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