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Plumbing Repair, Maintenance & Installation Services in New Albany, OH

A plumbing emergency is never one of convenience. We also know that a plumbing problem can come up at any time – whether it be a clogged toilet, busted pipe, or leaking gas line. New Albany Plumbing & Drain is always available, so if you have plumbing troubles and need plumbing services right away, you will need us, a plumbing company that will not hesitate and make you wait.

We are a source you can rely on. It doesn’t matter the time – day or night, weekend or weekday or holiday. Whenever there are plumbing issues, we will be there. It doesn’t matter if you are residential or commercial; once there are plumbing issues, we will be there. The time is never a problem for us; once a plumbing disaster arises, call us! We will immediately schedule an appointment that works on your time or dispatch a local expert plumber to your home or business right away. Without a doubt, when it comes to emergency plumbing repairs, no other company is better and more suitable for it than New Albany Plumbing & Drain.

New Albany Plumbing Services
New Albany Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing Services in New Albany, OH

What are your commercial plumbing needs? At New Albany Plumbing & Drain, we offer quality commercial plumbing services to the Greater Columbus area. You can count on us to have expert local licensed plumbers to provide specialized plumbing services to all types of businesses, regardless of size. We are the leaders in the Columbus area when it comes to plumbing needs. Your business can count on us for quick, affordable solutions.

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Our Plumbing Services in New Albany, Ohio

Excavation Services in New Albany, Ohio
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Excavation Services

Whether it be excavation services for water lines, gas lines, sewer lines, septic systems, and more, New Albany Plumbing & Drain offers expert plumbing services. Quite a few problems can occur with your residential sewage system, ranging from intrusion from the roots of trees to cracked pipes to leaking septic tanks. Their expert service is recommended for dealing with all sorts of issues, whether septic system, sewer line, gas line, water line, etc. Contact Us today so we can fix your problem!

Excavation Services in New Albany, Ohio
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Drain Cleaning

Our lives are much simpler when drains do their job and keep water flowing down the drain. However, financial drain, as well as a headache, are the main results if your drain begins backing up or becomes clogged. It does not matter if it is your toilet sending water back up after you flush it or your garbage disposal backing up; there are many ways to identify that you have a drainage problem or backed up mainline that will ultimately require the help of a professional plumber.

Winterization Plumbing Services in New Albany, Ohio
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Winterization Services

Many older homes will need winterization. Cold areas, such as crawlspaces, basements, or rooms with poorly installed exterior walls, are protected with winterization, making this an essential service. Whether it be vacant properties, rental properties, vacation homes, homes for sale, or other homes that will not be occupied over the winter, they will all need winterization. Even vacation homes that are not in use during the winter will require this service as well, and we cater to those within our area.

Water Softeners in New Albany, Ohio
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Water Softeners

Are you getting rust stains, black stains, or white chalky buildup in your plumbing? Water softeners are supposed to extract minerals (like iron, magnesium, and calcium) in the water supply to prevent calcium buildup, rust stains, etc. Call us to have your water softener repaired or to upgrade and get a new water softener installation. The benefits range from enabling house cleaning to be easier as well as making the water taste much better and ultimately making it much better for you.

Bathroom Remodel in New Albany, Ohio
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Bathroom Remodels

Tired of the old look in your bathroom? You know, renovating and remodeling your bathroom is a great way to freshen the look of your home, and it also will work to enrich the lives of everyone in the family. Regardless of the scope of your project, we can do it – our services range from laying fresh tile to installing sinks and backsplash to installing new showers and much more! We can lay new tile, install a new backsplash, and even put in a new shower, bathtub or toilet among other things.

Plumbing Repair in New Albany, Ohio
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Plumbing Repair

Trust us! We are experts in plumbing services. Call us for your toilet problems, drain problems, pipe problems, drain cleaning, sewer lines and excavation, faucet repair, sink repair, sump pumps, shower repair, sink repair, drainage issues, toilet clogging and toilet flooding, garbage disposal repair, dishwasher repair and installation, leak repair, washing machines, water heaters, pipes, and more. Contact us today for plumbing repair & maintenance services!

Water Softeners in New Albany, Ohio
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Plumbing Inspections

Performing a thorough evaluation and inspection of your plumbing system is what our licensed plumbers will do during any plumbing inspection. Our plumbing technicians will make sure to go through all the important aspects. It is good to do routine plumbing inspections, and the best way to keep everything running smoothly and help you avoid unexpected plumbing problems that can be significant inconveniences that cost tremendously is to use New Albany Plumbing & Drain.

Water Heaters & Water Softeners in New Albany, OH
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Water Heater

Whether it is providing warm water for showering or washing our clothes in, water heaters are a crucial part of any plumbing system. When you use a highly efficient water heater system, it ultimately enables you to use less energy and to use less water. Ultimately, having a highly efficient water heater system means you’ll save on bills such as electricity bills, gas bills, and water. Water heaters are an essential component of any plumbing system, whether used to give us a hot shower or wash our clothes.

Bliss Walk in Tubs in New Albany, Ohio
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Bliss Walk-In Tub

We now provide the installation of Bliss Walk-in Tubs. These are some of the highest quality walk-in tubs available. Featuring air massage, air systems, mixing valves, air jets, water jets, and aromatherapy systems, these high-quality therapy systems are quite valuable to any home. Walking into a Bliss Tub is like walking into one of the most luxurious spas accessible. Bathe in the comfort of a walk-in tub and reclaim your bathing experience. We are pleased to offer these Tubs for installation by our team.

Friendly Technicians

We can guarantee that you will receive the best care possible, as our team is filled with men and women who are not only friendly and respectful but absolute experts in their field.

24/7 Emergency Services

We are here for you! You can reach out to us at any time: on the weekends, in the night-time, on holidays, etc. We provide service around the clock!

We’re Licensed & Insured

You can put your trust in us and our services. Our company is licensed, insured, bonded, and our experts are qualified to work on gas lines and other dangerous equipment.

New Albany Plumbing Drain Services
New Albany Plumbing & Drain

Why Choose Us?

Do you want affordable, prompt, and professional plumbing services? New Albany Plumbing & Drain is the home of quick plumbing services that you can easily afford - call us! No doubt, you will be receiving professional, affordable plumbing services, and that’s a promise. Go ahead and say goodbye to your plumbing nightmares. In the Columbus area, there is major competition between the plumbing companies, each trying to outdo the other. Therefore, if a plumbing company wants to have a solid reputation when it comes to honest and high-quality work matched with competitive prices, its team will have to work and strive hard to be ahead of the competition and make it known that they are the right choice.

Five Star Service

That is one of our main priorities at New Albany Plumbing & Drain. Go ahead and ask any of our customers - we offer five-star service. We serve the Greater Columbus area and are a local family-opened and operated plumbing business that stands behind our work. We are a trusted local plumbing company serving the residential and commercial plumbing needs, ranging from plumbing repair, plumbing installation, excavation work, winterization, pipework, water heaters, sewer repairs, plumbing inspection, drainage work, emergency plumbing repairs, and more!

Trust The Experts

You can definitely trust us for toilet repair, drain problems, pipe problems, drain cleaning, emergency plumber, sewer lines and excavation, faucet repair, sink repair, sump pumps, shower repair, sink repair, drainage issues, toilet clogging, toilet over flooding, garbage disposal repair, dishwasher repair and installation, leak repair, washing machines, water heaters, gas pipes. We also help with water damage cleanup, water removal, emergency flooding services, basement flooding clean-up, mold remediation, mold removal, and more.