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A dependable and efficient water heater cannot be overlooked if you want hot water in your house on a regular basis. We can enjoy the luxury of clean clothing, clean dishes, hot baths, and more, thanks to this equipment. As a result, you want to be certain that the proper equipment is installed in your home or business. In addition, you must ensure that the water heater is correctly installed and maintained. New Albany Plumbing & Drain is here to assist you! Every homeowner should have a fundamental grasp of hot water heaters and how they function. You must be familiar with the fundamentals of this equipment in order to choose an appropriate water heater and guarantee that everything is functioning properly at all times.

You have many different types of water heaters available for you to choose from, and there are many things you ought to think about when making your decision. We provide electric, gas, and tankless water heaters from reputable manufacturers like Bradford White® and more at New Albany Plumbing & Drain! In Central OH, we provide water heater services for both residential and commercial applications. We also sell and service household and commercial water softeners. We will be delighted to offer you a free estimate as soon as possible to get things started on the right foot!

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Choosing the Right Water Heater for Installation

We recommend that you seek consultation from us at New Albany Plumbing & Drain before going ahead to choose a new hot water heater. We can help you find out the ideal water heater for your needs by pointing out the many variables that go into the making of a good water heater. We also introduce well-known brands, including Navien, Bradford White, Rheem, and many others, which you can pick from.

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Tankless Water Heaters

These systems are often known as tankless or on-demand systems. They do not store any hot water. Instead, when you decide to get water, this technology immediately begins the heating process. Tankless water heaters may be included in a larger centralized system. Find out more about tankless water heaters!

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Electric Water Heaters

This variety of water heaters is common due to the widespread availability of power supply. We also have electric-powered tank heaters, tankless water heaters, and other types of water heaters on the market. Tankless water heaters are also called on-demand water heaters. They give homeowners hot water as needed.

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Gas Water Heaters

Several kinds of water heaters make use of this natural gas; in fact, various brands and models have been built to work with it. A gas water heater installation may be the appropriate choice if your home has a gas connection. Additionally, gas water heaters heat up water faster than electric water heaters.

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You can put your trust in us and our services. Our company is licensed, insured, bonded, and our experts are qualified to work on gas lines and other dangerous equipment.

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Expert Water Softener Repair, Maintenance & Installation Services in Central Ohio

While this not only makes it simpler for you to clean your house, it also enhances the taste of your water, which helps to prolong the life of any equipment that uses it. Don’t forget that the size of your water softener has an effect on the amount of water pressure available in your home or business. According to industry experts, smaller tanks result in lower water pressure than larger tanks. Furthermore, if you have a professional install your water softener, such as New Albany Plumbing & Drain, it should last more than 20 years as long as you remember to replace your water filters as required.

Call New Albany Plumbing & Drain now for inexpensive water softener installation and repair services in the Greater Columbus region. We have all of the main, well-known water heater brands, including Sterling Water Treatment!

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Frequently Asked Drain, Sewer, & Excavation Questions

The New Albany Plumbing & Drain team is dedicated to assisting customers in identifying a long-term solution that will enable them to live comfortably in their homes. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (614) 245-3319 if you have any questions or concerns.

How long should a water heater last?

Even in a perfect circumstance, our residential water heaters would last a lifetime; sadly, this is not the case in everyday situations. According to industry standards, a conventional water heater should survive between 6 and 13 years on average. Remember that how well you take care of and maintain your water heater will impact how long it will last. Our experts suggest that you empty and flush your toilet on a regular basis.

What size water heater do I need?

When choosing the size of water heater to buy for your house, there are a few factors to think about. To begin, determine how many people live in your house. A modest 50-60 gallon water heater would suffice for up to 2-3 persons, according to Energy.gov. A 60-80 gallon water heater can comfortably accommodate 3-4 persons. If your household has more than four people, you’ll need a big water heater that holds more than 80 gallons of water. It also depends on how much hot water you make use of daily. Consider if you utilize three or more hot water appliances in a short period of time to ascertain this. If this is the case, regardless of the number of people in your house, you may wish to invest in a bigger water heater. Finally, determine your home’s First Hour Rating to determine the appropriate water heater size (FHR). The total number of gallons your hot water tank can distribute throughout your house in an hour is represented by this figure. This number may be found on a manufacturer’s website or by contacting New Albany Plumbing & Drain.

What is hard water?

‘Hard’ water has more minerals in it than normal water, and this is why we refer to it as such. In particular, the minerals calcium and magnesium are responsible for increasing the hardness of the water when more calcium and magnesium dissolve in it. Magnesium and calcium ions have a positive charge, as do other elements. Because of the presence of calcium and magnesium, other positively charged ions will dissolve more slowly in hard water than in water that does not include calcium and magnesium. This is exactly why soap does not dissolve completely in hard water.