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Water softeners work seamlessly and consistently with plumbing systems and other household appliances. As calcium and magnesium are removed through a process called “ion exchange,” this avoids calcium accumulation, rust stains, as well as other difficulties related to the hardness of water from developing in pipes and appliances. In addition to making your house easier to clean, this will also improve the flavor of your water, which extends the life of any equipment that utilizes it. You can expect a water heater installed by New Albany Plumbing & Drain to last at least 20 years, as long as you remember to change your water filters on a regular basis and follow our maintenance instructions.

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Water Softeners in New Albany, Ohio
New Albany Water Softeners

How Do Water Softeners Work?

Treating tap water with a softener is the purpose of this device. They are water purification devices that remove minerals like calcium and magnesium from the water. Hard water is caused by the presence of these minerals, which can provide a distinct odor in the home. Hard water minerals are removed from the water during the softening process. Using a water softening system, the water is prepared for use in the home’s plumbing.

We begin by determining how hard your water is in order to choose which water softener is best for you. Grains per gallon is the unit of measurement here. The salt used to soften the water is stored in a brine tank included in each system. In the brine tank, you should constantly keep your water level a little below the level of salt. To make the brine, water needs to come into touch with the salt in order to absorb it. So, hundreds of small beads known as “resin beads” fill the water softener’s tank. As water exits the tank, the resin beads cling to the minerals in the water and remove what has to be removed from the tank. The resin bed is the gathering of beads in the tank.

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Benefits of Water Softeners

Improved Water Taste

Hard water has a metallic flavor that is unpleasant to the palate, and as a result, water softeners are used to improve the taste of the water that comes out of the faucet for drinking. Installing a water softener and water filter in your home or company will provide you with better-tasting water from every faucet in your home or place of business. Therefore, meals and beverages prepared with softened and filtered water have a more pleasing flavor.

Less Scale and Scum Buildup

The most important reason for adopting a water softening system is to eliminate excess mineral (calcium and magnesium) buildup, which results in a reduction in scale and precipitate discoloration in the water. By using a decent water softening system, you will be able to spend less time scrubbing away your surfaces, showers, and sinks in order to get rid of the buildup. Furthermore, you would not have to use as many cleaning agents as you would otherwise. The bottom line is that water softeners make it easier to clean the house and help to keep the house clean.

Softer Skin and Silkier Hair

Skin that is softer and hair that is silkier are two benefits of using water softeners. This is due to the fact that hard water includes minerals that cause a build-up of soap residue, which in turn clogs the pores that the body utilizes to produce its natural oils. Hard water is also a source of bacterial growth. Eczema and acne are both caused by clogged pores. Water that is too hard to drink can also make your skin feel dry since it removes all of the natural moisture from the skin’s surface. The removal of calcium from the water supply alters the texture of hair, making it softer and more luminous in appearance.

Keeps Stains Off Dishes

Unwanted minerals in the water cause the small mineral spots that appear on shower doors, plates, sinks, fixtures, and anything else that comes into contact with them. These ugly stains are kept at bay by removing these minerals from the water supply. In the presence of hard water, soap suds that have accumulated as a result of soap-producing curds do not rinse away as effectively. The presence of soap scum around your sink and bathtub is fairly commonplace. This soap will go down the drain more easily if you use softened water.

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Frequently Asked Tankless Water Heater Questions

The New Albany Plumbing & Drain team is dedicated to assisting customers in identifying a long-term solution that will enable them to live comfortably in their homes. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (614) 245-3319 if you have any questions or concerns.

What is a water softener?

Generally speaking, a water softener is a filtration device that works to remove excessive quantities of calcium and magnesium, which are responsible for hard water. In the process of flowing through a water softener, the system filters away these hard water minerals, and the resulting softened water is subsequently discharged into the surrounding plumbing system.

What is hard water?

When water is described as ‘hard,’ it signifies that it includes a higher concentration of minerals than ordinary drinking water. Calcium and magnesium are two of the most abundant minerals on the planet. When more calcium and magnesium are dissolved in the water, the degree of hardness of the water increases. Magnesium and calcium are ions that have a positive charge. The presence of calcium and magnesium causes other positively charged ions to dissolve more slowly in hard water than they do in water that does not include calcium and magnesium. This is the reason why soap doesn’t really dissolve in hard water, as opposed to soft water.

How often should one add salt to a softener?

Salt should be added to the reservoir during the softener’s regeneration cycle, and the amount of salt added should be directly proportionate to the frequency with which the softener is being regenerated. In other words, the more frequently a softener is regenerated, the more frequently salt must be added to it. Water softeners should be checked once a month at the very least. Maintaining the salt level at least half-full at all times is necessary to ensure a suitable production of soft water is produced.