How to Get Your Outdoor Spigots Ready for Summer

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As the summer months approach, it is crucial to shift our attention towards the upkeep of our outdoor plumbing components. Preparing them for the increased demands of the summer season is a critical step that should not be neglected. Whether you will be utilizing your outdoor plumbing fixtures for watering your garden, using sprinklers for your lawn, or even just having some fun water activities planned, the functionality of spigots and water hoses is key for a smooth summer.  

This is where New Albany Plumbing & Drain steps in – we’re committed to offering you the expertise and tools needed to identify and fix any spigot leaks, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable summer experience for you this season! 

How to Spot and Address Spigot Leaks 

Experiencing a spigot leak and unsure of the next steps? Knowing how to spot a spigot leak is crucial for maintaining your home’s plumbing integrity. 

  • Water Dripping: Try turning on your faucet briefly. Should you notice any leakage from the spigot, either while the water flows or after shutting it off, you likely have a leak. Water should only exit through the spout or attached hose, not from beneath the spigot assembly. This could be indicative of a deeper problem requiring expert intervention. 
  • Water Pressure: Another crucial aspect to monitor while the water runs is the pressure. A notably low water flow rate might indicate a leak within your system. If this is the case, it would be best to call a professional. 
  • Rust: A rust-covered spigot is a clear warning signal. This is because the presence of corrosion or rust strongly indicates an underlying leak that demands immediate attention. In such cases, it’s also critical to engage the services of a professional plumber without delay. 
  • Water Stains or Mold: Water stains and mold are silent but significant indicators. Water stains or mold can emerge subtly, yet they are significant indicators of potential issues. We recommend performing regular inspections around spigots for signs of water stains or mold. Discovering these signs early on is crucial to addressing the problem quickly and efficiently. 

How to Stop a Spigot Leak 

Experiencing a spigot leak? Don’t worry, there are straightforward steps you can take to address minor issues such as water drippage. Simply follow the guidelines provided below for a quick fix. However, for more complex issues like low water pressure, we highly recommend enlisting the expertise of a professional.  

  • Ensure All Connections are Secure: Begin by checking for any loose connections on the fixture and securely tightening them. Utilizing a wrench, carefully yet firmly secure the spigot to prevent any issues.  
  • Replacing Worn-Out Washers: Over time, it’s a common occurrence for washers to wear down. Therefore, if tightening the spigot didn’t resolve the issue, the next step is to equip the system with new washers.  
  • Sealing Openings: Over time, it’s also natural for cracks, holes, or openings to develop around fixtures due to wear and the impact of the elements. So, should you discover a leak and notice the sealant has deteriorated, simply rectify this issue by using a waterproof sealant to effectively close any visible cracks or gaps around the spigots.  
  • Consider Installing a Backflow Preventer: Enhancing the integrity of your plumbing system by installing a backflow preventer is a wise decision. This strategic measure ensures the protection of your water quality by preventing the reverse flow of water, effectively guarding against contamination risks.  
  • Consider an Upgrade to Frost-Free Spigots: For those who have experienced the inconvenience of a frozen spigot, or worse, a leak due to them freezing, it’s time to think about an upgrade to frost-free spigots. This strategic move significantly reduces the risk of frozen pipes and the leaks that follow, ensuring your home’s water systems operate smoothly, even in adverse weather conditions.  

Contact a Professional Plumber  

Understanding the right moment to engage a professional can significantly enhance the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing system. It’s crucial to judiciously assess whether a leak is within your capability to fix or if it necessitates the expertise of a professional for a proper diagnosis. Remember that encountering issues such as water stains, mold growth, fixtures corroded by rust, or severely low water pressure are clear indicators of an underlying leak, warranting the intervention of a professional.  


Don’t overlook a leaky spigot, as it can quickly turn into a bigger issue. When you choose our services, you’re selecting a team dedicated to the health of your home. For thorough support and to avert any future plumbing issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help. We specialize in a broad spectrum of home services, ensuring your peace of mind and delivering exceptional value for your money. 

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