One of the first things you may ask yourself is: what is water filtration, and why do I need them? And because there are a few different types of home water filtration, the most important reason is to provide pure and clean drinking water to your home. The best way to explain water filtration systems and how they work is: they capture debris you don’t want in your water, and it only allows clean water to pass into your home. The great thing is that you came to the right place to gain more knowledge on what water filter you need for your home and how it works.  

How Do I Know Which Water Filter To Choose?   

Perhaps you’re wondering how to purify water at home or the benefits of a home filtration system. If that’s the case, you need to know about the four primary processes used to filter water: ion exchange, reverse osmosis, steam distillation, and activated carbon filters. All these water filtration systems can help you purify water in your home. Consult New Albany Plumbing & Drain to find out which filter would be best for your home:  

  1. Ion exchange: These certain filters are used for softening hard water in your home. This filter is perfect for homes that contain heavy metal and hard water. The main focus of this filter is to soften and filter the hard water out of your home by releasing ions, for example, sodium. After the ion exchange finishes that process, you will see a significant change in your water. It isn’t just great for drinking water; you will also see a considerable difference in your laundry.  
  1. Reverse Osmosis: Another excellent water treatment in the books. This process withdraws unwanted chemicals from your water and uses pressure to move water molecules through a filter. The “dirty” water is filtered and washed away during this process, leaving pure, delicious drinking water for your home.  
  1. Steam Distillation: This filter creates filtered water by boiling it and consolidating the collected steam into a liquid, removing impurities and minerals from the water.   
  1. Activated Carbon: This is probably the most commonly chosen filter for a household. An activated carbon filter treats water by using a process called adsorption. Because the water passes through the filter, it acts like a sponge and absorbs the contaminants in the water.   

Is Water Filtration Important To Have?  

We live in a country where water filtration is standard, and we have access to bottled water in stores all over. Regardless, just because you have bottled water doesn’t necessarily mean your home is free of chemicals and safe for use. The tap water in your home isn’t used only for drinking; it’s for your pets, showers, laundry, and more. A home water filtration system shields your home by removing impurities that are not healthy for your household; examples are but are not limited to: chemicals, chlorine, metals, and debris. 

Is Your Water Safe?  

Your water quality is essential, not only for your family and pets’ health but also for your plumbing system. Call (614) 245-3319 to schedule a water quality test with the plumbing experts at New Albany Plumbing & Drain, or schedule an appointment online by clicking here!